The Hobbit Tolkien Fan Edit Recut

  • A fan edit that combines Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy into a more captivating faithfully adapted single-movie experience.

  • HD 1080p | DTS 5.1 Surround Sound | New Visual Effects | Color Grading | Revised in 2023

    The Hobbit Fan Edit

    I felt these films had "too much," whether it was all the sideplots, CGI, action, or new characters. As a huge fan of the book, I decided to edit these movies down to match closer to what Tolkien wrote while also rectifying my own critiques. This project is for both the purist and casual fans alike, with the end result providing a more focused narrative that I find more enjoyable and emotionally impactful.

    I initially edited with the book at my side, page by page, starting on June 19th, 2019. After numerous revisions to make the edit actually work for general audiences and feel as professional as possible, I finished on December 24th, 2021. I did one last revision in September 2023, where I am now fully satisfied with the cut after many years of work.

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  • September 2023

    The edit has been UPDATED, see the change log in the main Google Drive to read the full list of new edits. Enjoy!

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  • Goals & Editing Information

    • 1) Be more faithful to The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien while still following Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth vision. Includes making the story focus on the main quest & also decreasing the numerous references to The Lord of the Rings, allowing both stories to stand on their own.
    • 2) Consistent tone as the story progresses from its lighthearted beginning to more serious ending. With this, display a convincing atmosphere with more realistic combat and physics. This aids in allowing The Hobbit to transition more naturally into the The Lord of the Rings films from an atmospheric perspective.
    • 3) Execute with professional film editing techniques, specifically with making smooth audio transitions, maintaining a proper surround sound mix, and keeping intact the pacing, character arcs, and story structure. Work with lossless sources and avoid any unnecessary quality loss.
    • 4) Stay in Middle Earth as long as possible with our beloved characters, meaning all available footage (theatrical, extended, and deleted) has been considered. Cutting characterization or book-accurate moments just for the sake of runtime is avoided; hence, this edit is branded as its own "Extended Edition" to justify the runtime, fitting perfectly as a prelude to any Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon.
    • 5) Appeal to all movie fans, regardless of what their prior knowledge is with any of the Middle Earth books or original films. Understanding the narrative should not depend on other external material.
    • Sources:
      1. An Unexpected Journey (Footage retained: 1 hour 43 min.)  |  40% cut
      2. The Desolation of Smaug (Footage retained: 1 hour 13 min.)  |  59% cut
      3. The Battle of the Five Armies (Footage retained: 1 hour 9 min.)  |  54% cut
    • Editing Resources:
      • Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Encore, DTS-HD Master Audio Suite, Audacity, Subtitle Edit, MediaInfo, MakeMKV, FFmpeg
      • Howard Shore’s The Hobbit Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (Special Editions) [CDQ]
      • Howard Shore's The Hobbit - The Complete Recordings (Fan Project)
      • The Battle of the Five Armies Appendices Part 11
      • Various free & self-recorded sound effects
    • Additional Credit:
      Originally a solo project, but these individuals reached out to help fix continuity in several parts of the cut.
      • Eric Odmyr - digital alterations (shown above)
      • Michael Sinclair - digital alteration (chapter 4)
    • Runtime:
      The Hobbit – 255 Min (4 hours 5 min.)  |  51% cut out of the original 8 hours 19 minutes
      With the extended Lord of the Rings films at 228, 235, and 263 minutes respectively, I feel this fits right in.

    Overall Changes

    • All three Extended Edition Hobbit films ripped from the official 1080p Blu-rays and combined into one movie.
      An Unexpected Journey covers the first half, while The Desolation of Smaug & The Battle of the Five Armies cover the second half.
      • On the digital versions, the movie is split with a short “Intermission.”
      • On the Blu-ray version, the parts are split by disc with an “Insert next disc” screen.

    • Subtle visual changes to make the films look more natural and match closer with The Lord of the Rings films, while still retaining most of their intended look.
      • Added 35mm film grain overlay throughout the entire trilogy to reduce the digital look.
      • The saturation, vibrancy, and green levels have been decreased where necessary to tone down the original color grading, removing the excess colorfullness and greenish tint. These changes vary in intensity throughout the edit - below in the Shire the colors only needed a small nudge.

    • Book chapters in the film are now reflected with their respective movie portion, indicated by chapter stops. I read the book while editing to make sure I could stay as faithful as possible, all while still respecting the limitations that follow: I only have access to the existing footage, films inherently need to be more cinematic & dramatic than their book counterpart, and the presentation needs to be cohesive for viewers who have not read the book.

      There are several hundred changes in this project (big and small) that you can read about here, below is a comprehensive summary of the main changes in each chapter.

    1. An Unexpected Party

    • The “Sack of Erebor” flashback has been cut, leaving only a short prologue with old Bilbo, now beginning with “In a hole in the ground...” All Frodo dialogue has been removed, instead leaving him with only a short visual cameo. After just a few minutes, we begin the main story of young Bilbo, cutting past the original film title screen as this edit is only titled The Hobbit.

    • "Blunt the Knives" songs is retained but slightly trimmed to remove some of the most ridiculous CGI plate tricks.
    • Small trims to remove some of the most excessively silly moments.

      While it was my goal to match these films to the book (which can be silly), I felt Jackson went too far with immature humor that did not honor the tone that Tolkien achieved. Cheap humor like Ori’s loud burp, Bombur “eating cheese by the block,” or shoving an axe up Smaug's "jacksy" are some of the examples I cut, while I instead opted to only keep humor that does do the spirit of the book justice. I maintained this philosophy for the entire edit, as I do love that the book was full of plenty of witty, ironic, and lighthearted/charming humor.

    • Extended Scenes Kept: Most of the Shire market scene with Bilbo is kept to give us more time with him and the Hobbits so we can appreciate the contrast in lifestyle once we enter the wild. I also have included some extra Dwarf characterization for Óin/Bifur and Thorin/Balin, as I want to give the audience to connect with each of the Dwarves as much as possible now that the movie's focus is brought back to the main quest.

    2. Roast Mutton

    • Removed the Moria flashback with Azog & Thorin, as Bilbo is kept the centerpiece of this story now. In fact, Azog is not seen or referenced until The Battle of the Five Armies portion where he is introduced as a nameless Orc villain.
    • When the Company hears Orcs at night it serves as foreshadowing for when an Orc pack shows up to attack them later after the Goblin caves.
    • Removed Radagast entirely from the film, instead leaving just a few of Gandalf's references to his existence for the sake of world building.
    • Trimmed some of the worst silly moments in the Troll sequence to stay in line with my philosophy of reaching a tone that respects the book's lightheartedness, but does not make a mockery of it.

    3. A Short Rest

    • Instead of Radagast showing up after the Troll cave and beginning the ensuing Warg chase, the music transitions into a new hiking montage using footage taken from later in the film showing the Company progress through the wild.
    • As always, removed the most offending silly moments, including cutting the Elf-Dwarf romance jokes and some other moments that went too far.
    • The White Council scene is cut and an abbreviated version can be found on my Special Features. As soon as Elrond and Gandalf walk off at night, we cut away with a new music transition to various establishing shots of Rivendell in the morning with Bilbo (who no longer finds the Shards of Narsil).
      The heavy handed connections to The Lord of the Rings films throughout The Hobbit films felt out of place and unnecessary in my viewing experience, especially considering my goal of being accurate to the book (which didn't have any of these connections or fan service moments). As such, I have cut back on these aspects. Instead, we enjoy connections between the two stories through more subtle references.
    • Extended Scenes Kept: All of the Rivendell extended material pertaining to Bilbo & the quest is kept. We get more dialogue with Gandalf/Bilbo before they enter the valley, a well-needed discussion between Gandalf/Elrond to explain the grander purpose of this quest, and a beautiful scene with Elrond/Bilbo which not only introduces their friendship, but also sets up Bilbo's motivations moving into the Misty Mountains.

    4. Over Hill and Under Hill

    • Using the remaining hiking footage, as some was used earlier, the Dwarves enter the Misty Mountains while the most triumphant part of the Misty Mountains theme plays.
    • Cut all stone giants, now Bilbo simply falls due to the slippery rocks and the distracting lightning. He is rescued and the following characterization with Thorin remains intact. While Stone Giants were briefly mentioned in the book, I consider their portrayal wildly inaccurate—both in appearance and behavior.
    • Digitally altered a repurposed shot of the Dwarves to fix continuity, as they are supposed to be about to turn their heads and look over at Bilbo falling.
      Can you spot the difference?


    • Goblin caves recolored to be slightly darker & less orange.

    • Extended Scenes Kept: The Goblin song is retained in order to pay homage to the book, but it has been moderately trimmed to remove some of the weirdness (fist pumping, dancing in a circle, stepping on Goblins, and some dialogue). Directly after, the extended moments with the captured Dwarves is kept, with only small trims to the King's silly dialogue about Nori's stolen silverware. As always, I want the audience to see as much of each Dwarf as possible so we hopefully end up actually caring about them.

    5. Riddles in the Dark

    • The first time we fully see Gollum close up is when he jumps out in front of Bilbo. He is not introduced earlier nor is he seen dropping the ring, leaving the origin of the ring a mystery to the audience (like the book) before we learn it was Gollum's.
    • Recolored Gollum’s cave to be slightly darker.

    • Cut all ridiculous combat techniques and set pieces throughout the Goblin escape chase, reducing the sequence from 4 minutes to just 1. Anything that was extremely unrealistic or physically impossible has been removed; this philosophy has been maintained for every action sequence throughout the fan edit.
    • Goblin King does not return at the end nor does the Company slide down the entire cavern on a bridge.

    6. Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

    • Trimmed out Gandalf noticing Bilbo hiding the ring in his pocket. While Gandalf may be suspicious, he does not know for sure that Bilbo has a ring, which we will see him discover in The Fellowship of the Ring.

    • Orcs & wargs show up to attack the Company. With all shots of Azog removed, closeups of a generic Orc leader (taken from earlier in the film) have been repurposed here to sell the moment and compensate for any gaps. As pictured above, the shots have been heavily tweaked to naturally fit into their new placement.

    • Removed Bilbo killing a Warg to keep him as a non-warrior at this point. Throughout this edit, he only ever struggles to fight one Goblin and then kills two spiders, mostly with the help of the ring or element of surprise. Other than these instances of combat, he uses his wits and brains to escape situations, like the book.
    • Removed Thorin's charge with the Nazgul theme, as again, Azog is not present here. Instead, right as some of the Dwarves are about to fall, the Eagles arrive to save the day.
    • New Eagle escape montage using the unused piece “Good Omen” to show their escape and progression. With this, removed the reusage of the Gondor theme that was in the original film.
    • As Thorin was not wounded by Azog in my cut, the wounds on his face have been removed using deep fake technology and his unconscious body seen on Carrock has been replaced with a rock.


    • Directly after Carrock, we cut to black and transition into the intermission. This makes for a perfect rest break that also covers up the time jump from An Unexpected Journey to The Desolation of Smaug, as we reflect on how far the Company has come and how far they still have to go.

    7. Queer Lodgings

    • Removed original The Desolation of Smaug opening with the Bree flashback and title screen. Instead, we cut right back to the Company after they have left Carrock, which according to Peter Jackson’s audio commentary is about six hours later.
    • Rearranged the sequence where the Company discovers Beorn in the wild and runs through the forest towards his house to account for removing the presence of Azog and fixing some illogical geography.
    • Removed Bilbo petting the ring in Beorn’s house, as any connection to Sauron or self corruption with the ring is kept to a complete minimum, with only a few music cue references throughout this edit.
      This is both more accurate to the book and better for a tighter narrative that does not waste time on referencing future events. Instead, it allows the audience to experience a natural growing presence of evil that Gandalf discovers in The Fellowship of the Ring, giving more emotional weight to the moment when it comes to our surprise that the ring has changed Bilbo.
    • Removed all references to Azog and the High Fells. Instead, all we learn is that the wild is crawling with Orcs and their numbers are growing, which we will see paid off when all the Orcs show up in the final battle.
    • Removed the flash of Sauron’s eye in Mirkwood (along with all future instances of it) as well as Bilbo lying about the ring to Gandalf. These elements were more forced references to Sauron and the evilness of the ring.
    • Gandalf finds a red marking in Mirkwood which sparks his decision to leave the company.
      Most audiences won’t know this is referencing Sauron, they will only know that there is some unknown evil that needs investigating. It works well to keep this plot mysterious. That way, both stories can work on their own and Sauron is introduced in the story where he is relevant, not in The Hobbit.
    • Gandalf departs and his entire side quest to the High Fells and Dol Guldur is removed, with him only returning right before the final battle to warn of an Orc army. That way, his disappearance still receives some form of explanation and weight, it was not for nothing.
    • Extended Scenes Kept: The book-inspired introduction to Beorn is kept, which brings some nice levity and charm. It also makes much more sense than the theatrical version where Beorn was instantly allowing hospitality. We also keep some minimal discussion about Orcs and the Necromancer between Beorn and Gandalf which help explain his departure from the company.

    8. Flies and Spiders

    • Small trims to remove any antagonism from Thorin towards Bilbo, as they should be building their friendship still.
    • Inserted a repurposed and color corrected shot from a scene in the theatrical version showing how far off the path they are, rather than having the company wander off the path on purpose.

    • Cut Bilbo falling down after freeing the Dwarves. This originally led to him going crazy fighting a baby spider and worrying about losing the ring, which was not needed here.
    • Extended Scenes Kept: The extended Mirkwood sequence which draws heavily from the book is kept, with the Enchanted River, White Deer, Bombur falling asleep, more wandering, and even some nice dialogue reminiscent of the text (absence of wind & "no end to this accursed forest!").

    9. Barrels Out of Bond

    • The Elves jump up out of hiding to capture the Dwarves rather than Legolas’s ridiculous original introduction. The moment is very reminiscent of the Fellowship entering Lothlorien and being surprised by Elves.
    • Legolas makes his one minute cameo here, never to return for the rest of the movie. Tauriel is simply a background Elf warrior, as all of her scenes are removed. The love triangle is nonexistent in this fan edit.
    • Small trims to remove Gimli fan service and Legolas calling the Elves of Gondolin his kin, as in the actual Tolkien lore he would not have.
    • Added subtitle translation for Thorin’s Dwarvish insult to Thranduil so that the audience can better appreciate the struggle between both races, that Thorin wishes Thranduil's people would face the same downfall.

      Cut the second half of the Thorin and Thranduil scene to remove the weird “serpent mouth” transformation. Thus, Thranduil’s response to the insult is removed which originally gave context to it, giving even more reason for me to show the above translated subtitle.
    • Recut and rescored the barrel escape so that no Orcs or Elves pursue the company, which not only makes the sequence closer to the book but also removes some of the most ridiculous CGI action.

    10. A Warm Welcome

    • Removed Kíli's wound subplot and any reference to Orcs tracking them, as ever since we entered Mirkwood the pursuing Warg pack plotline has ended. As soon as the Dwarves get out of the barrels, Bard is waiting there ready to confront them.
    • New digitally altered shots to remove any arrows stuck to the barrels after the Dwarves get on land.
    • The Master is now a minor character who is introduced when our characters run into him. Almost all of Alfrid is entirely removed, leaving him as a background character with only two lines.
    • No Dwarves are left behind in Laketown, it is assumed that the entire company leaves together.
    • Extended Scenes Kept: The extended walk through Laketown is included to give the location more depth, but is abbreviated to remove the part where guards originally tried to capture the Dwarves. Consequently, there is no more sneaking through toilets - the Dwarves just enter Bard's house normally. We also keep part of Bilbo vouching for Thorin to help build their friendship.

    11. On the Doorstep

    • Inserted a color adjusted shot from The Battle of the Five Armies showing Fíli, Kíli, Bofur, and Óin walking towards Erebor to help sell the illusion that all Dwarves are present.

      Before / After (Saturation and tint decreased to match gloomy mood of surrounding shots

    • Added digitally altered shot that shows all 14 members of the Company hiking to Erebor originally made for the Maple Films fan edit.
    • Recut and rescored the secret door scene to remove the Dwarves giving up at the first sign of failure to make them seem more competent.
    • Extended Scenes Kept: We get some additional dialogue from Balin & Bilbo outside the Desolation of Smaug wasteland.

    12-13. Inside Information / Not at Home

    • Heavily recut the Smaug scene to remove all cutaways so that the entire sequence plays out continuously with just Bilbo and Smaug, no cuts to the Dwarves, Laketown, or Dol Guldur.
    • Slight rearrangement to get all the dialogue closer to the order that it was in the book, while also removing Smaug’s nonsensical mention of “Oakenshield,” as that name was made long after the Dwarves fled Erebor.
    • Added dialogue that Smaug originally said to Thorin in the movie, but now says to Bilbo like in the book. Includes when he calls himself the “King under the Mountain,” how he laid low warriors of old, and how he instilled fear in the hearts of men.
    • Removed the entire Dwarf chase sequence in Erebor, to place the focus on Bilbo, remove unnecessary action, stick to the book, and most importantly make Smaug still appear competent.

    • New digitally altered shot to show Smaug breaking out of Erebor without being covered in liquid gold.

    14. Fire and Water

    • The edit seamlessly transitions from The Desolation of Smaug to The Battle of the Five Armies as Smaug begins to attack Laketown.
    • Footage is heavily rearranged and edited to depict a new Bard vs. Smaug sequence that is more straightforward and faithful to the book without any side characters.
    • Bard kills Smaug without the help of his son Bain, using new digitally altered shots removing Bain entirely from the scene.

    15. The Gathering of the Clouds

    • Removed Bilbo pulling out the Arkenstone in broad daylight, along with the flashbacks to Smaug that never happened in my edit, because Smaug never talked about Thorin or his corruption.
    • Removed dragon sickness plot and made many small trims to Thorin’s character moments to downplay his craziness, instead giving him a slower and more natural descent into excessive pride and stubbornness. This is both more book accurate and makes his character more interesting / relatable / sympathetic, rather than robbing him of his agency that it was "just the dragon sickness" making him bad.
    • Gandalf finally shows back up after his long departure to warn everyone of Orcs coming. Cut the tent scene short to remove the discussion about Azog and Sauron’s master plan, as to keep closer in line with the book and scope of this story. The Orcs just want to capture the Lonely Mountain after learning of Smaug's death.
    • The Orcs march towards the Mountain with a redubbed subtitle giving context for why they want to attack (which is also mirrored again during the battle). Applied color correction to marching scene so it appears later in the day with a warmer reddish look that fits its new placement.

    16. A Thief in the Night

    • Bilbo delivers the Arkenstone to Bard/Thranduil and reunites with Gandalf, while Alfrid's presence has been entirely removed.
    • This is the one moment in the entire edit where “dragon sickness” is mentioned, which I kept on purpose. It is spoken by Gandalf who is known for speaking in riddles/metaphors, and the dialogue contributes to his friendship with Bilbo, while also paying homage to the fact that the phrase "dragon sickness" was mentioned once in the book.
    • Extended Scenes Kept: The beautiful scene between Bifur & Bilbo is kept, which not only mirrors a scene from way earlier, but also sets up Bilbo's motivations for why he cares about the Dwarves: they are nice to him. Additionally, some extended dialogue in Dale is kept to communicate to the audience why Thranduil does not believe Gandalf is telling the truth about Orcs.

    17. The Clouds Burst

    • A 55 minute battle has now been reduced to just 18.5 minutes, split in half by some slower scenes with Thorin & co. inside Erebor.
    • Reverted to the theatrical version of Dáin's arrival to remove the Elf vs. Dwarf combat.
    • New digitally altered shot that shows tunnels in the mountainside before the Orcs show up, hinting that they were recently dug.

    • Recut Azog’s introduction to remove the Wereworms and instead have his horn be the sound that draws everyone’s attention to his introduction.
    • Removed wacky design moments and set pieces, including no more catapult trolls, battering ram trolls, peg-leg trolls, etc.
    • Removed the subplot of Bard and his children. Bard is now just the commander of the Men.
    • New sequence with rescored soundtrack & rearranged footage to depict Bilbo slipping away from the battle like the book.
    • As Bilbo is far away from the battle and not in Dale anymore, we do not see him react to Thorin’s charge. Instead, a repurposed shot of Bard has been inserted when the horn of Erebor sounds right before Gandalf reacts. Slow motion applied and audio adjusted to fit right in.

    • Bilbo has found his way into Ravenhill, but is suddenly swarmed by bats and knocked out by an Orc, before fading to black. New visual effect to show him re-appearing with his ring off. Background has been digitally altered to remove Dwalin, as Bilbo is supposed to be in Ravenhill by himself at this point.
    • Next begins an action montage using the "Misty Mountains" theme while we see the Company fight all together against the Orcs. Dáin/Thorin embrace and we see Thorin decide the Orc leader must be killed. Spliced in some shots of Gandalf narrating to help smooth the flow.
    • Now only Fíli, Kíli, and Thorin go to Ravenhill to try to kill Azog. Bilbo is knocked out, and Dwalin is not present.
    • Fíli’s death is relatively the same, although the subtitle originally saying “then the brother” has been redubbed to say “then the other,” as Azog has no clue about their family structure in this cut. Kíli is now just killed by an unknown Orc and Tauriel is not involved.

    • Thorin’s final duel has been slightly shortened, and the part where Azog falls under the ice and jumps back up has been removed.
    • Eagle scene recut to remove Radagast as well as digitally erase him from one of the shots.

    • Extended Scenes Kept: Thorin has an additional piece of dialogue at the gate which mirrors the book and we also get another line from Gandalf. At the start of the battle, we see more of the Dwarf army and Thranduil/Dain fighting, which aids in maintaining the pacing of the battle to account for all the intolerable action I have cut. After Thorin's final charge, we also see some extended clips of the Company fighting Orcs during the rescored "Misty Mountains" montage, and then a few more extended seconds of Beorn fighting at the end.

    18-19. The Return Journey / The Last Stage

    • Thranduil’s conclusion is a repurposed and recut scene from earlier in the movie, previously highlighting his motivations to retreat, but now being used as a scene where he reflects on the casualties of war.
    • Restructured dialogue in the Bilbo and Gandalf departure scene to reflect the dialogue in the book almost one-to-one. Additionally, this means Gandalf does not mention the ring because he still has no idea Bilbo has it (even if he is suspicious), we see him discover the ring in The Fellowship of the Ring.
    • Extended Scenes Kept: Thorin's funeral is fully included, now with the added eulogy delivered by Gandalf. This dialogue was originally cut in the official Extended Edition, and could only be found in the behind the scenes.
    • End Credits: Sourced from An Unexpected Journey, but edited to reflect the starring cast of all three films together, along with the full cast of side characters that were visible in my edit. Renamed credit listing for “Azog” to “Bolg” as a little homage to the book, as the name "Azog" is no longer spoken. New main credit music “Misty Mountains Cold” by Clamavi De Profundis with their names added to the credits.

    Special Features

    • While many flashbacks and sideplots were cut, a lot of footage had potential to be enjoyable in its own right. All material has been editied under the same goals as the main feature. Consistent visual changes applied.

    • I have created my own "Durin's Folk" 3-part series of flashbacks that focuses on Thorin & the Dwarves, giving both more depth to his character and general historical context. These sequences did an adequate job of adapating Tolkien's lore, specifically from The Lord of the Rings Appendices.
    • I have also created my own Deleted Scenes reel that includes scenes with The White Council, the attack on Dol Guldur, and more of Thorin.


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          • Main: 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
          • Alternate: DTS Core
          • Bonus: 2.0 Dolby Digital AC-3 [Editor's Commentary Track]
        • Chapters: Built in
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        • Special features, motion menus, chapter selection, and set up page
      • MKV [25 GB]
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        • iTunes compatible with proper metadata
      • The Hobbit Book Accurate
      • Subtitle Languages: English [Closed Captions], English, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Dwarvish, Translating Template
      • Special Features [Included in ISO disc version]
        • Editors Audio Commentary: Alternate audio track on the full film and all special features discussing every change made I talk not just about where changes were made, but also why and how they were done. Commentary is also accessible on the MKV release.
        • Bonus Scenes: Scenes from the original movies that did not make it into the final cut but were still interesting nonetheless. This includes “Durin’s Folk” and several deleted scenes.
        • Music: “Misty Mountains” & “Blunt the Knives” playable from the menu in their full studio quality.
        • Release Trailer: Promotional trailer that shows off some of the changes and edits.
        • Behind the Scenes: A recording of what the project looks like in my editing software, over viewing how everything was put together and some of my common techniques.